Following the advice and regulations from the government regarding public gatherings, we have decided to postpone the events to ensure the safety of our attendees is maintained.

The Membership meet-ups 2021 schedule will be announced in due course.

If you have any specific queries regarding the meet-up events, please contact us on

RBL  members from left to right Simon Jary, Anne Bettison and Ken Mackay
RBL Knowle Club members from right to left: Simon Jary, Anne Bettison and Ken Mackay
It was a great opportunity to network with colleagues and exchange ideas. Ken Mackay, Chairman of the Knowle Club

Who will be there?

Everyone is invited, so bring along friends, family members, and anyone else you know who is interested in the Royal British Legion.

Our area teams will be on hand to provide local information whilst other teams, such as fundraising and volunteering, will be able to provide specialist information.

Why should I attend?

Our members are a vital part of our national network and are involved in all that we do – from fundraising during the Poppy Appeal to providing local community support. It’s your chance to ask the team your questions and explore the topics that matter to you. 

We share inspiring stories and examples of where branches and members have really made a difference in their communities. We’ll also give advice on how you can encourage others to follow in your footsteps. Plus you'll also get lots of free goodies from the day too!

We found the day very positive and forward thinking; being able to ask questions directly was invaluable. Robert Plumb, Chairman of the Hednesford Branch

What will the day look like?

Membership meet-ups are an opportunity to explore our work at your own pace, make connections and socialise with staff and members alike.

Each event has a series of break-out sessions alongside the main exhibition, where you can learn more about particular topics.

Teams and topics

Membership Hub

The core feature of the Annual Conference exhibitions, the Hub is a place for Branch reps to deal with a whole host of membership enquiries, whether this is to do with recruitment, renewals or the member experience.

Meet the Area Team

RBL's advice, information and support is managed out of 16 Area Offices. Discover how they work with members and what you can do to help.


Big or small, RBL raises funds through working with Corporate Partners right down to the community level. Explore the ways we raise funds and how this helps the Armed Forces Community.

Public Affairs and Public Policy

The PAPP team represent the Legion to various levels of government and lobby for policy change that improves the lives of the Armed Forces Community. Find out how to support their campaigns and share your experience to help build new ones.


Does your branch own a Royal British Legion property? Meet the Property team and the Branch Property Trust team to learn some of the legal nuances of RBL property.


Are you a Club Secretary or Club Chairman? Our Regional Club Relationship Managers will be on hand to offer advice and guidance relating to all things RBL Clubs.


Promoting RBL can be a complex art. Meet the team responsible and explore how you can help further our reach.

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